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Takara Shinobu is the main male protagonist of Mononofu. He is a first year student at Senga High School[1] and an amateur shōgi player. He learnt to play shōgi in the boarding house Kayane Manor and has since aspired to become a professional shōgi player.[2]


Shinobu has a slender body and black spiky hair. He is almost always shown as serious looking due to his rigid personality.

It turned out that Shinobu only had two outfits, one school uniform in the gakuran style, which he wore whenever he went out, and one track suit for use at home[3].







  • (To Naoi Yasukane) "...It's always been this way. I tried studying more than anyone else, but I failed to get into my first choice...while people who always seemed to be goofing off passed. ...If you're incompetent, if you have no talent, making an effort is pointless..."[4]
  • (To himself) "The first time I cried was when I lost the one person who "saw" me. No matter how earnestly I lived, nobody ever turned to face me. The second time I cried was when the words I'd been screaming to a maddening degree first reached someone, because they noticed that I am here."[5]
  • (To himself) "...Kaa-san, for the first time I want to try seeing the world. I want to try going in this direction I've found. Is this straight path I've chosen okay?"[6]


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